After our first visit to Bulgaria we soon discovered that it was very difficult to find local businesses, hotels, amenities & tradesmen.  Buying a property is relatively easy the difficulty lies in finding the right tradesmen to transform your property into your dream home.

Everything you need is never too far away but finding it is a different matter.

Finding Businesses

Very few businesses in rural Bulgaria have websites,  arriving in a country we know little about can be a daunting experience and finding something simple like a good hairdresser, furniture, trade person takes time.   Villages are very welcoming and I would like to spread the word and increase trade for rural Bulgaria.


Most tourists flock to the better known cities, ski resorts or the coast but there is so much more to see and do

Finally, a website for everything Bulgarian in English

We are not associated with any business operating within Bulgaria which means that we are totally unbiased.

We are passionate about Bulgaria and will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

If you are thinking about buying a house in Bulgaria, you can read my story and I will share negatives (if I find any) as well as the positives.  You are welcome to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions, We will do our best to help you or point you in the right direction.

Our advise to potential property buyers in Bulgaria  is:

If you can afford it – DO IT

If you fancy a challenge – DO IT

If you are able to work from home and want to feel trapped – DO IT

If you are just looking for an investment, you could wait a long time to see any returns but give it a go – Who knows what the future holds.

Free to use, no membership fees and no fuss, just an easy to use website with everything to want and need to know, we are growing daily and our main purpose – We are here for YOU!

Browse the Province pages to see where is right for you.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we will make it our mission to find it for you.

Free advertising us generally unheard of so it not always possible to find what you are looking for unless you speak Bulgarian, even then you may not find is because many small businesses in Bulgaria do not have websites.

​If you are a Bulgarian or an Ex-Pat, here is an exciting opportunity to list your business for the world to see (in English)  totally free – no commission – no catch.

Put yourself on the map today and watch your business grow, perhaps you own a village shop, a gym, bar, restaurant or do you offer a service.  Whatever is it, this is your moment.

What we need to know!

Where you are

What you do

Contact information

Pictures would be a great bonus.

You do not need a website or a Facebook page  but if you do,  I will add a link.  If you do not speak English contact me in Bulgarian and I will translate into English for you.

Безплатна реклама за малък бизнес. Ако сте българин или чужденец, ето една вълнуваща възможност за вас да направите бизнеса си видим по целия свят (на английски език) напълно безплатно – без комисионни и без правила. Моля, разкажете на приятелите си (така че и те да не пропуснат). Отбележете се на картата днес и вижте как бизнесът ви расте. Може би сте собственик на малък магазин, на фитнес зала, бар, ресторант или предлагате някакви услуги. Какъвто и да е бизнесът ви, това е точният момент.
Това, което трябва да знаем!
Къде сте
С какво се занимавате
Изпращането на снимки е голям плюс.
Не се нуждаете от уеб сайт или Facebook страница, но ако имате, ще добавя линк към него. Ако не говорите английски, свържете се с мен на български и аз ще преведа информацията на английски език вместо вас.