Affordable Property or a Scam

For most there are no problems but a few potential buyers are left disappointed  so here are a few tips.

Scam or just an over enthusiastic desire to earn money.

Quite often you will see a property for sale which does not list the village, why?  Some agents or people acting as agents will be on the lookout for properties for sale and will advertise them as their own and will still take a deposit whilst trying to find out who owns the property.  When you arrive in Bulgaria to complete the sale you may be told that there was a problem with the house but not to worry as they will find you a better one.

Some agents will require a deposit to hold a property which is generally non refundable.  Is this necessary?  I don’t think so, unless it is exactly for you are looking for and you are not able to travel to Bulgaria for a few months.  Realistically, there is a good chance that the property will still be available or you will find an alternative.

In some cases, when you arrive to complete the sale all the necessary paperwork required to complete the sale may not be present.  The sale may not be completed on the first visit as expected.

The house you find may look dated but sound and just in need of modernisation.  In addition it will probably need a little more than a paintbrush.

A lot of properties are listed as being in a village with a shop, post office and bar but the bar is generally drinking beers on tables outside the village shop.

Bulgarian agents think that we are rich (although villagers may think that we are poor) so be careful when renovating as this could run in to thousands.  Always try to use recommendations and not the services provided by agents.

Be respectful, Bulgarian are proud and work hard so if you are discarding furniture ask your neighbours as it may be useful to them and don’t flash the cash.

It will be a gamble but as long as you are not gambling with your life savings I am sure that you will find the property that is right for you.  After all, where else could you find a property for less than the price of a new small car in a country with long hot summers to enjoy your family holidays.