Buying a house in Bulgaria

You have now found your dream Bulgarian home.  What next………

When buying a house in Bulgaria from a private seller.  You can complete the process yourself at the local notary office but you will need a registered translator (if you can’t already speak Bulgarian) who will guide you through the process which is quite simple.

The Notary (solicitor) will check that there are not any encumbrances and that the seller is the actual owner of the property. You can also use your own solicitor if preferred.  For your peace of mind you can ask your translator to check for encumbrances at the court for which there is a small fee.  You will need to allow the Notary fees to the costs of buying a house in Bulgaria.  You can stay in Bulgaria for up to 3 months with a valid passport but if you wish to stay longer you will need to register at the local police station.

8 easy steps to buying a property in Bulgaria

Step 1. The seller

The seller has to take to their paperwork to the Notary office a few days prior to the sale for the paperwork to be checked.

Step 2. Meet with the seller at the Notaries

Once the paperwork has been checked you will then meet with the seller at the notaries.  At this meeting you will have to bring your passport for the notaries to draw up a contract.  This took approximately twenty minutes and once details were provided we had to come back in a couple of hours when the contracts would be ready.

Step 3. Returning to the Notaries

The contract will be translated verbally (if you have a translator) and the buyer and seller had to sign the contract.

Step 4. The Fees

The notary fees and taxes came to approximately £300 but this will depend on the value of the property.

Step 5. Paying for the Property

You can pay with cash or a bank transfer, we opted for a bank transfer.  As we already have a Bulgarian bank account the funds were transferred the same day.

Step 6. The Sellers Responsibility

It is the sellers responsibility to return to the Notaries with a receipt to confirm that the funds have cleared.

Step 7. Collecting the Deeds to your new home.

Your deeds are now ready for collection.

Step 8.  Registering your property.

Now the property is yours you will have to register at the council  this will be locating in the municipality of your village which you can find here.  You will have to take your passport and house deeds to register.  A translator would also be useful at this stage as many council buildings will not have English speaking staff.

This information is to be used as a guide if you are considering a private sale.  All information is from my personal exper, our house was purchased in April 2015.


I am not suggesting that you do not use an agent as a good agent will provide a stress free purchase and after sales service.  You may be asked to sign a power of attorney to allow your solicitor to purchase on your behalf, register your property, set up your utilities and open a bank account for you.

A good agent will take out the stress of setting up the utilities with the language barrier.

There are many trustworthy agents in Bulgaria and we endeavour to only allow advertising from the best


Most agents will include a solicitor within their fee.


Avoid paying a deposit before viewing the property instead, make arrangements to view as soon as possible.  We initially paid a deposit to an agent for another property which we were hoping to purchase in 2014.  On each visit to complete the sale the owner was still living there.  We are still waiting for the return of our deposit.

The chances are that the property will still be available when you are ready to view and complete the purchase.

Banks and Utilities  Bulgaria Directory (coming soon)