Our Goals

To create the most comprehensive unbiased website covering the whole of Bulgaria.


Finding the right tradesmen especially trusted tradesmen can be difficult.  Unlike the UK online search results will be limited as every business will not have a website especially smaller operations.

Making it easy to find what you are looking for

Providing an opportunity for all business to create a full page highlighting there services free will help smaller business survive and provide you with a choice.

Helping businesses to achieve their goals

All businesses and individuals are welcome to create a listing, promoting their business, service or a recommendation.  Once a listing is live you can pass on details for your customers to add a review.

You can include images, links to your website, social media pages and contact details.  Bulgaria has many small villages  and you can add a listing recommending We are happy to add links to all businesses, blogs, bars, restaurants and more and any other business or service.  Helping you to help your customers.

There are many social media groups who are also welcome to create a listing.

Here for you

Whether you are selling, buying, starting a business or just passing through.  We are happy to share everything that we have experienced on our journey and would like you to share yours too., maybe you have a website just like mine?  That’s great as you can never have too much information.  Just let me know and I will add your details.

What’s in it for us.

We love Bulgaria and aim to explore every inch of this beautiful country so you may find us popping into your restaurant, bar or taking a break in your guesthouse or hotel.  You will be helping us to find you.